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Doug W.

11am:Who's down for brunch?11:05am:Doug's in, where should we go11:10amSnapper in oakdale has unlimited mimosas11:12amThere's a New Orleans themed brunch at a place called Storyville in Huntington more for da booze11:15amI'm inMe tooDone!11:30amGuys I just called and couldn't get a rez 11:31amDoug, Kyle already called and got us the last table, dumbass11:35amAwesome see y'all there!12:30 seating at Storyville @ Finnleys of Greenstreet: Sunday Boys Brunch commenceGreeted with beads and mimosas as my buddy and I waited for our two other buds to arrive we peaked at the brunch buffet to find some pretty awesome looking treats.  Your standard sausage, bacon, potatoes, and omelets were bolstered with some unique brunch options such as, Benedict, gumbo, peal n eat shrimp, crab legs, jambalaya, fried chicken and sweet chili chicken wings.Everything was good, maybe not the gumbo, but everything else I forged myself on was fantastic from the carving station to the bloody Mary's,  ranch was a big success.The most important thing to take away besides a few desserts on the way out, was that I will be returning to order those wings off their regular menu, they were crispy, meaty, and downright delicious.Everyone at the table raves about the fried chicken and while I found it to be great and crunchy, I e made it with better flavor so I just dug into more chicken wangs and mimosas to my face.The waitress was kind and accommodating, the food was fresh, and the price wasn't terrible at all either rounding up to just under /pp after tax, tip, and /pp for all the alcohol.I highly suggest this place for a big brunch buffet. I've been to cheaper spots sure, but this was well worth it and Huntington's an awesome place, filled with bars and shops to drink or browse after a long brunch outing.


Caroline V.

Friendly Service, good food, spacious dining room and kid friendly. What more can you ask for? We usually come here on quieter nights and always do the 3 course prix fixe which is super filling. This last time we had amongst the group:*Fried Green Tomatoes - wow...really tasty and the dipping sauce is really good with it. Just the right creaminess to compliment the app.*Slap Ya Mama Mussels - these definitely have a nice kick to them!!! Huge portion for an app which is awesome and you cant help but use up almost if not all the bread they give you to mop up the sauce cuz it's just that good..*Chicken Fried Shrimp - big juicy shrimps, fried and set on top some tasty gravy.*Chicken & Sausage gumbo - pretty filling app, tasty and smokey.*Fire and Rice Chicken Jambalaya - huge stick to your ribs dish*Fried Chicken and Waffles - these have changed from our past visits, its now a full size round waffle (instead of the fancy fleur de lys design they used to have) and its actually fluffier and tastier! Chicken is pounded down, battered and fried crisp, its tender and juicy. YUM!*Apple Bourbon BBQ Double Cut Pork Chop - a hit at the table as half of the party ordered this. The pork chop was really juicy and flavorful and everyone loved their baked potato (huge).*Boozy Peach Smoked Chicken - Tasty and the chips are fresh. Our only issue this whole meal as the chicken came out quite pink (more than just a smoke ring pink). Since it was for our 18 month old daughter we had to send it back to cook more and then it came out black....chicken was still flavorful but that took away from the dish.*Deconstructed Key Lime Pie - this was like a key lime parfait, nicely done in a wine glass*French Quarter Beignets - fresh pillowy donuts dusted with powdered sugar. You cant go wrong*Bourbon Street Pecan Pie - a nice sweet finish to the meal!Next we'd like to try their popular brunch or with the upcoming holiday season perhaps their Santa events!


ApL A.

I'm giving 2 stars because the food and service at the time that I was there last Sunday was great. However my coat was stolen from the coat check , and the host took my number/name, and said I would be contacted by management. Fast forward it's now Tuesday I have heard nothing. I call and speak to a Thomas , he informs me that he has heard nothing of this situation and he will review cameras and call me before Friday because he's going on vacation. Fast forward it's now Friday night 7pm I call AGAIN, and a new manager Jenna came to the phone also knew nothing about the situation, so I explained and she was very dry about the situation, said she can "try" to contact Thomas ,but he's on vacation with his family. She also took my number and said she would be in touch with whether or not she could get in contact with him. It's now Sunday , a week later. I am upset and angry because we had such a nice time here and it was not my first time but this is completely unprofessional and I will most def not return due to lack of customer service and I'm also done calling them. They will now have to speak with my lawyer,and the BBB.


Monica L.

I went here for dinner with my friend Friday night. I had high hopes for this place but was unfortunately disappointed. To start off, the biscuits and cornbread bites on the table were very dry and hard. The fried green tomatoes weren't bad. I ordered the shrimp and cheddar grits. It tasted okay but the shrimp was not de-veined and tasted a little on the fishy side. Honestly my favorite part about the dinner with my fleur-de-lis cocktail and the beignets for dessert. I will say the service was great. The waitress and waiters were very attentive. I did feel like the place was oddly empty for a Friday night too. When I got home, 3 hours later I was throwing up and realized it was food poisoning. Something wasn't right with the food there. I wouldn't recommend this place. It's not exactly cheap and the food isn't quality.


Christine G.

I visited Storyville with my family last time I was in town, who had been there before and loved their experience. There were some positives and some areas for improvement, which net out for me at 3.5 stars. The service was great! We arrived early for a reservation on a Sunday evening hoping to sit and have a drink at the outdoor patio, only to find that it was closed on Sundays. This was disappointing as it was a large part of why we wanted to go to this restaurant. The hostess was able to seat us outside at a table in the front of the restaurant, which was a good compromise. We were pretty annoying as a group (early for our reservation, lots of questions about the menu, etc.) and our server was friendly, gracious and effective at dealing with the situation.The cocktails were great. I had the pepper martini, which had a nice kick and flavor. Everyone else in our group enjoyed their drinks as well. The food was hit or miss. I ordered the dinner prix fixe, which was a great deal at .95. The chicken fried shrimp appetizer was delicious and indulgent: the fried shrimp were not greasy, and it was served with a rich, flavorful gravy that I ate every morsel of! The fried catfish entree was just okay. I ordered it blackened and it was served pan fried with some Cajun seasoning, along with flavorful sides of collard greens and rice. Some of the dishes others in my group got were more popular choices, like the chicken and waffles, and these were all very good - so I think sticking with the more popular options is the way to go. I got the pecan pie for dessert and it was tasty.Overall I applaud Storyville for their unique concept and think it's worth checking out if you're interested in Cajun food.


Max W.

Storyville is the definition of comfort food.  With a creole-inspired menu filled with fried fish, steaks, and friend chicken, there are plenty of options for an all-out cheat meal.  The atmosphere is warm and comfortable, and there is the option for outdoor seating on their patio.  As mentioned above, the menu is filled with all types of different fish.  The Cajun calamari is amazing and has a spicy kick to help open your sinuses.  The entrees are very flavorful and are huge!  I am not one to have leftovers, but both times I've been here have left with a nice portion of my entree.  The jambalaya is seasoned very well and has plenty g spice.  The ribs are good and drowned in a tasty BBQ sauce, but could have been a little more tender.  Great place to enjoy comfort food and get a taste for New Orleans.


Dick G.

Our party of 4 went last night to SAT expecting to enjoy great Cajun vittles and it was down hill from there. From reading other reviews on Yelp we were really high on this place which is really pretty and expected great food. Perhaps because it was a quiet Wednesday night the main chef went home. Or, we just ordered all the wrong things??To start we ordered cocktails; 3 Cajun Martinis which were not cajun at all. Tasted strongly of pepper with one little slice of jalapaneo on the bottom. There was nothing that would resemble a Cajun Martini..drink smelled of pepper..For appy I got PEI mussels in a great sauce. Only thing was they were defenitly not PEI mussels but local blacks. Owner came over and told me due to a harsh winter the mussels changed their color and shape so they were PEI. MEH and Fooy...In all my years never got a fairytale story like that! Also had a couple of Gumbo's...they were good but bland. We added some jalapanoes and their juice to spice it up....worked and tasted great.Two of us ordered ala carte and two got the prix fixe dinner:1) Blackened Steak - nice piece of meat came overcooked with no blackening whatsoever! real disappointment2) Duck 2 Ways - Looked good on arrival but was very dry and overcooked .3) Catfish - Fish was fried with panko or cornflakes(?) and came out too crisp. Rice was good but the Greens were either under cooked or had twigs in them....either way they were not good.4) Shrimp in mashed potatoes (in lieu of grits)- Was the best of the 4 dinner choices.All in all, at the conclusion of dinner we discussed our feelings to what was served to us. Given the place was literally empty, no excuse for serving subpar food or not serving what was on the menu. We all concluded that we would not return for a second go around. We had hoped for a real cajun/creole meal which we have all enjoyed before, and nothing served fell in that category.


Peter S.

I would give this 6 stars if I could!  This was the best brunch I have ever had (maybe Vegas buffets are bigger, but not much better), and I look forward to going again.  It was my birthday present and I'm not sure how my wife stumbled upon the place but I'm glad she did.  Maybe they should discount for the kids who don't eat that much but still hard to find real faults.  The line for Belgian waffles and omelets was long so I chose to "settle for" what was sitting out: eggs Benedict, French toast, jumbo shrimp, bacon, crab legs, jamabalya, gumbo, catfish, and a few desserts.  Had OJ, a Bloody Mary, coffee, there wasn't one thing that i didn't think was excellent.  Maybe the English muffin toast could have been crispier/browner?  Kids had the Belgian waffle with choc chops and loved em.  Too stuffed to try the fruit or salads, which also looked fresh.


Caroline M.

I feel bad even writing this review because our waiter was awesome.... but the food was terrible. The mussels were fishy, we asked for extra spicy wings- they had no spice at all. My po' boy came with stale bread... The spicy margarita was bland. The one bright spot was a salad with grilled shrimp and black rice.  I do not recommend nor would I give it a second chance.


Roy B.

We had the most awesome time with some friends on a Saturday night in the Spring just as the outdoor seating area was being opened and the weather was warm for a great dinner and company with some friends. We arrived at our reservation time or just a tad earlier, and had a cocktail at the bar, while our table was being prepared. Once seated, our night only got better. We had never eaten here before so we wanted to explore the menu. Favorites in no particular order: Duck to ways. Cooked perfectly. Fried Pickles- we still talk about them and how perfect they were. Gator meatballs- different and delicious, popcorn crawfish, Gumolaya Crawfish, sliders.... Everything was cooked perfectly and well spaced out between our conversations and cocktails. We were never rushed and always well attended to. I have a couple of Yelp friends who posted less than stellar reviews here and my wish for them is to come back and give Storyville another chance so that they can experience the unbelievable meal we had. The mad Russsian was thoroughly impressed and our friends greatly loved our meal as well. After your meal, enjoy the warm summer nights and an after-dinner cocktail on the patio. We know we will be sure to visit again and hopefully you'll try them out as well.


Daniella N.

Although our waitress was pleasant, after the initial round of drinks and serving us our meals, she never came back to check on us. We actually had to get up from the table to look for items such as ketchup and to order a second round of drinks. It also took our food about 45 mins to come out to us and there was only 1 other table with patrons in the entire restaurant. My dish was great (although the number of shrimp wasn't ideal) but my friend's was bland and he was unsatisfied. It was disappointing dinner out in Huntington.


Crystal P.

as a girl who practically lived in New Orleans at points of my life I know NOLA food..... and I was just there in September. Anyway my husband who didn't come with me on my trip was upset I ate delicious cajun food without him and then I found this place! even better was restaurant week was coming so we made plans to come here for our date night. anyway the place itself is adorable and the lights, everything is just so awesome/cute. now onto the food, so good! I don't even think I'll get my leftover grits because my husband will be stealing them :) the food was well done and great southern like food. it wasn't as spicy as southern food but I actually like that since the whole time in NOLA I was like calm down with the spices! this place just does it better. so yeah we were happy with this place and will tell people to check it out. BTW order the chicken fried shrimp. yums.


Sean E.

Brunch at Storyville was a definite experience, in both good and bad ways. To preface, I'm sure I didn't see them at their best - there was a *massive* group (maybe two? it was wild.) that was taking up nearly all of the space, food, and staff. They seemed a little underprepared, but in fairness I can't imagine having to prepare for a group of this magnitude either. The two of us were probably afterthoughts.Anyway, we all got in a little late, since the group was so unwieldly, and by that time we were starving. Service was slow, but thankfully we were able to help ourselves. The food was, largely, excellent. My wife's all about the surf and I'm all about the turf, so between us we sampled nearly everything. Crispy bacon, three-cheese grits, red potatoes, fried chicken, and bacon-tater tot waffles; all were absolute hits with me. The wife had nothing but praise for the jambalaya and crab legs, though the shrimp were not de-veined and whether or not that's a deal breaker is a matter of taste. Equally important with an all-you-can-eat is knowing what to skip, and I'd say give the biscuits and cornbread muffins a miss - they were dry by the 2:00 seating, and simply not very tasty. Additionally, we tried the dessert bars, but both the lemon and the blueberry bars were too thick and heavy. That all said, big props to the guy tending the waffles, omelettes, and desserts - he may have been the busiest of the front-facing staff, but he was also the friendliest.A few other notes: midway through the meal we got our complementary mimosas, which I thought leaned a little too heavily on the OJ without enough champagne. But on the other hand, free drinks! The atmosphere was impressive, but the construction of the building made the flow of customers rather awkward. While the service was generally tepid (exception above) we did always have clean pates and full water glasses. Today, a 3/5, but I'd go back and try them again for sure.Original posting of this review mistakenly swapped vodka for champagne - apologies for distracted writing!


Khalida S.

Our party of eight people were there yesterday for Father's Day brunch .. and it was awful we waited At least 15 min before get seated .. line for for food was Way too long .. any time you would asked the waiter to get us  any thing that would simply point where we can find it .. only thing they did was to pick up plates when They were all piled up and we have to ask for water few times .. they run out of few dessert items by the time We got to it . no more corn muffins left .. food was ok And off course they added the 20% gratuity for taking Away the plates .. I don't recommend this place Owners should really look into how their guest are being treated especially large parties.. if You want Cajun food and good service take a trip to big daddy's in Massapequa park they are awesome.,


Rob B.

I was there for my cousins band. Reuben sandwich is tasty and awesome! Bar service could use a course in customer service.( Talk to a customer,be more friendly who is ordering food at bar.  Be more involved.


J A.

I approach breakfast buffets with a level of skepticism and fear; I always wonder if someone is sneezing into the eggs or if the food was cooked several days ago and reheated. My woes were assuaged by the cuisine at Storyville. I tended toward the prepared items, but the waffles looked scrumptious too. The servers were friendly, and the food was displayed in an aesthetically pleasing manner. It also tasted good and fresh. My main issue was the heat in the restaurant; I visited on one of the hottest days, if not the absolute hottest day thus far, this year, and the atmosphere was stifling. My suspicion is that the doors open to the patio caused this effect, but a hot dining area, and an even hotter display area, rendered me queasy. After all, we are talking about eggs and raw seafood on dishes in a balmy room. I would return, but not in inclement weather.


Andrew A.

Our first time tasting Cajun cuisine and we were most definitely NOT disappointed! Diverse menu with plenty of options (even for first timers). We even ventured to try gator nuggets for our appetizer! The restaurant was pretty dark and noisy, but we lucked out because we were placed in a corner so it was quiet for us. We ordered two weekly specials:1. Bayou bowl (a Cajun seafood platter) with catfish, mussels, shrimp, clams, & snow crab2. Prosciutto wrapped chicken with asparagus and the BEST grits we've ever tried in our lives (we've also never been to the south so maybe that's why)Food was delicious, flavorful, and presented well.Service was good. There was a huge party next to us with about 15 people so we cut our waitress some slack if it took a little while to check on us. But she was super friendly!


Jen S.

We went here previous to an event for some grub. I really like the homie venue, and the outdoor area bar. It's super cute and sort of bistroesque. Now this is a New Orleans themed place and the menu holds true. Although I found their signature drinks to be headache inducing, way too sweet for me. I had a po'boy and it was good. I want to go back to try their brunch, unsure if they still do it or if it is bottomless but I'll investigate and let you know :). Do it with some friends and family.


Steve K.

Atmosphere was outstanding , food left much to be desired. Ordered the shrimp and grits which were simply AWFUL! Four small shrimp swamped by a bowl of poorly prepared grits. How this would even be considered a dinner is beyond me. The consistency of the grits was that of poorly prepared oatmeal. The dish had no flavor and needs to be revamped. Having just come from Virginia another New Orleans style restaurant I had my hopes up only to have my dining experience ruined. The Virginia establishment had about 8 jumbo shrimp compared to this paltry dish with flavor that smashed it. If your in the mood for Applebee's NOLA food this will impress you. Otherwise keep looking.


Jessica B.

I live two blocks away from this joke of a restaurant and have dinner in the village of Huntington about once a week since moving here a year and a half ago.It looks like a nice enough place from the outside and I've been next door to Finley's plenty of times for drinks, they're sort of attached to each other and share a door but two separate places so I was in shock when I had the absolute, hands down, 100% worst dining experience of my entire life.. There were just two people in my party. My friend and I were waiting for 35min to be seated in a basically EMPTY restaurant, only to wait 25mins more for the server to bring us menus and take our drink order. Then we waited another 25 mins for our drinks to come. It went from bad to worse when we got up to use the bathroom. We returned to find a completely empty table. Cleared of everything we just waited for. Sangria, bread basket, glasses, plates utensils etc.. all gone. I waved down a bus boy who told our server the situation but he barely glanced in our direction and disappeared somewhere across the room.He didn't even acknowledge us, never mind apologize or offer an explanation. Nothing. Zip. Zero. Nada. We sat at our empty table for another 20-25 mins before he brought us out another pitcher of the sangria along with our entrees. I asked about the table getting cleared off and he shrugged, mumbled something intelligible and scurried off somewhere again.As for the food, my friend very much enjoyed the shrimp n grits until nearly the end of her meal where she discovered a hair in the bottom of her dish. I on the other hand was not so lucky as my mussels were pure garbage from the beginning. They were lukewarm at best and so chewy I had to spit one out into my napkin. I kid you not! Disgusting! Disgusting! Disgusting!We debated whether or not to speak to a manager and finally decided it was best to let the management know what a bad experience we had. The manager's attitude was worse then our server's. I explained to him how unhappy we were with the wait time, the server, the problem with our table being cleared off, the food and his answer to me was "did you make a reservation"? (no idea how that would have made a difference in the service time or the food we ate) to which I replied no and was immediately bombarded with one crazy contradictory excuse after the other. The condescending nonsense just poured out of his mouth and left me completely dumb founded. I found this blatant disregard for taking care of us as customers coupled with a you can "take it or leave it" type attitude to be disturbing. The manager in the hospitality business lacking the ability to take responsibility for the services they're providing and the food they're serving is a scary thing. Needless to say he never apologized to us for the God-awful PISS poor experience over all. I'm someone that truly enjoys people and going out for dinner. I am always patient and generous wherever I go. I don't speak down to people waiting on me. It takes a lot for me to complain but this situation was too much for me. What a nightmare. I will be telling everyone I know to steer clear at all cost. Such a shame the owners don't have better management in place, especially in a village with so many other options. Wake up SCARYville.. Huntington is crawling with restaurants full of great food, reliable service and friendly staff! Get on the ball!











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